Student Fees Legislation Following the ACLU Lawsuit: Implementation and Implications

Presentation by on November 30, 2012

Almost two years to the day after the ACLU filed a lawsuit to ensure that California public school students were not being charged impermissible fees, the California Legislature and Governor Jerry Brown passed AB 1575 into law to further protect every student's right to a free public education. This new legislation is a positive affirmation of California's public school system but also raises significant practical questions for district administrators statewide. Are any fees permitted? Are we allowed to raise money to offer better programs and activities? What kind of claims may be filed for past infractions? In this webinar, ACSA Legislative Advocate Laura Preston and Fagen Friedman & Fulfrost Partner Kimberly Smith will provide an overview of the new legislation and address these and other questions related to the challenging issue of student fees.

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