Fingerprinting & The Implications of AB 346

Presentation by on August 31, 2010

AB 346 (Conway) was signed in to law to try and correct many of the problems that resulted from AB 1025 (Conway) to take effect July 1, 2010.  While we tried to extend the date of implementation of AB 1025 in order to correct the numerous problems associated with this bill, we ran in to complications prohibiting this simple delay.  Instead, AB 346 supercedes AB 1025 and requires additional individuals to be fingerprinted by both the Department of Justice, DOJ, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI, in order to work directly with students in a school sponsored event.
• AB 346 Assembly Bill - Bill Analysis
This analysis provides insight into the legislative intent of AB 346 prepared for the Assembly by Chelsea Kelley.
• Activity Supervisor Clearance Certificate Update and Checklist

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