NewsFlashes related to Charter Schools

No. 19-01
January 2019
Attorney General Opinion Confirms Charter Schools Must Comply with Key Public Integrity Laws
No. 17-02
January 2017
CA Supreme Court Declines Review of Out-of-District Charter School Decision
No. 16-12
October 2016
Location of Charter School Resource Centers Limited by Court of Appeal
No. 16-06
April 2016
Court of Appeal Finds Teacher Statutes Are Constitutional
No. 13-01
January 2013
Court of Appeal Holds District’s Use of Existing Class-Size Ratios When Offering Charter School Facilities is Consistent with the Intent of Proposition 39
No. 12-41
October 2012
Court Confirms That Prop 39 Does Not Entitle Charter Schools to Facilities in a Specific Desired Location
No. 12-36
October 2012
New Law Changes Charter School Review Process to Emphasize the Importance of Student Academic Achievement
No. 12-29
August 2012
Charter Schools Temporarily Given Priority to Lease or Purchase District Surplus Property
No. 11-58
November 2011
New Charter Renewal Regulations Approved
No. 11-57
November 2011
Court Clarifies Proposition 39 “Reasonably Equivalent” Standard
No. 11-33
July 2011
Court of Appeal Reinstates Revocation of School’s Charter, Finds Revocation Procedure Affords Due Process
No. 11-03
January 2011
California Court of Appeal Upholds Validity of All 2008 Amendments to Proposition 39 Charter School Facilities Regulations
No. 10-74
August 2010
Education Code Amendments Extend Freedom of Speech and Press Rights to Charter School Students
No. 10-68
August 2010
LEAs May Sue the State Board of Education for Failure to Follow State Law When Approving “Statewide” Charter Schools
No. 10-14
February 2010
State Board of Education Approves Charter School LEA Membership in Out-of-Geographic Region SELPAs
No. 10-07
January 2010
Ninth Circuit Holds Charter School is Not A State Actor Under Section 1983
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