NewsFlashes by Leslie R. Lacher

No. 19-01
January 2019
Attorney General Opinion Confirms Charter Schools Must Comply with Key Public Integrity Laws
No. 17-02
January 2017
CA Supreme Court Declines Review of Out-of-District Charter School Decision
No. 16-12
October 2016
Location of Charter School Resource Centers Limited by Court of Appeal
No. 11-63
December 2011
CDE Issues Guidance Regarding Transitional Kindergarten Programs
No. 11-35
July 2011
California Legislature Extends Deadline to Verify Pertussis Immunizations for Students in 7th-12th Grade
No. 10-83
September 2010
Ninth Circuit Invalidates Federal Regulation as Impermissibly Expanding NCLB's Definition of "Highly Qualified Teacher"
No. 10-69
August 2010
New ADA Regulations Address Use of Service Animals and Accessible Design Standards, Among Others
No. 10-50
May 2010
CDE Addresses Impact of Furlough Days and Shortened School Year on Special Education Compliance
No. 10-27
March 2010
NCLB Overhaul: Significant Changes in Blueprint for Reform
No. 10-26
March 2010
Be Prepared Before It Starts Raining Cats and Dogs: Responding to Service Animal Requests
No. 10-14
February 2010
State Board of Education Approves Charter School LEA Membership in Out-of-Geographic Region SELPAs
No. 09-87
December 2009
CDE Issues New Amendments to Regulations Governing the California High School Exit Examination
No. 09-44
July 2009
Supreme Court Holds Past Receipt of Special Education Services Not a Requirement for Recovery of Private School Reimbursement
No. 09-03
January 2009
Clarification Regarding Administration of Insulin to Students
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