NewsFlashes by Lenore A. Silverman

No. 20-10
September 2020
UPDATED: COVID-19 Litigation Emerges at State and Federal Levels
No. 17-12
October 2017
New Title IX Guidelines for Schools to Address Sexual Misconduct Complaints
No. 17-08
June 2017
OCR Internal Guidance on Investigating Complaints
No. 11-48
October 2011
Legislation Signed to Allow Trained Non-Medical School Employees to Administer Anti-Seizure Medication to Students
No. 11-37
August 2011
District Not Required to Provide Real-time Captioning for Student with a Hearing Impairment
No. 11-16
April 2011
OCR Issues New Guidance Regarding Districts’ Obligation to Respond to Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence
No. 11-15
April 2011
Ninth Circuit Lowers the Bar for Parents Seeking Reimbursement for Private Education Services
No. 10-89
October 2010
United States Supreme Court to Consider On-Campus Law Enforcement Interviews of Suspected Child Abuse Victims
No. 10-81
September 2010
Diabetes Update
No. 10-67
July 2010
California Supreme Court to Decide Whether to Review the Court of Appeal Decision Regarding Insulin Administration
No. 10-49
May 2010
Injunction Against 8th Grade Algebra Test Upheld
No. 10-46
May 2010
Reasonable Suspicion May Justify Search Even When Police Officers Are Involved
No. 10-31
March 2010
Answering Questions in the Wake of Greene V. Camreta
No. 10-19
February 2010
Legislation Introduced to Allow Trained School Personnel to Administer Diastat and Insulin to Students
No. 10-11
February 2010
OSEP Issues Guidance Regarding Early Childhood Transitions
No. 09-86
December 2009
Foster Students May Be Exempt from Local Graduation Requirements
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