NewsFlashes by Elizabeth B. Mori

No. 21-03
November 2021
2021 Legislative Actions: Practical Tips and Take-Aways
No. 21-02
July 2021
Independent Study- Implementation Guidance for AB 130
No. 21-01
July 2021
AB 104 Signed - Student Retention, Grade Changes & Graduation Options
No. 20-13
October 2020
Summary of New CA Legislation from the 2020 Legislation Session
No. 20-09
September 2020
SB 820 - Impact and Provisions of Newly Passed Ed Finance Bill
No. 20-08
August 2020
Cohorts and Small Groups at School - Guidance from CDPH
No. 18-07
July 2018
Payroll Checklist for Agency Fee Elimination
No. 18-05
June 2018
SB 866 Creates Significant Change on Union Dues
No. 18-01
February 2018
Walkout: Students' Call To Action To Make Their Voices Heard
No. 17-02
January 2017
CA Supreme Court Declines Review of Out-of-District Charter School Decision
No. 16-12
October 2016
Location of Charter School Resource Centers Limited by Court of Appeal
No. 12-39
October 2012
Classified Layoff Notice now 60 Days
No. 11-21
May 2011
100% Permanently Disabled Under Workers Comp Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Your Employee Can’t Work: A Tale of Caution
No. 11-08
February 2011
Coaches are Temporary Employees With or Without Prior Written Notice
No. 11-06
January 2011
Third Parties May Sue for Retaliation under Title VII Even if They Did Not Engage in the Protected Activity
No. 10-80
September 2010
Employer Action Inappropriate in Response to Sexual Harassment Complaints
No. 10-71
August 2010
Court Finds Erratic Behavior Meets Business Necessity Standard for Fitness for Duty Exam
No. 10-44
May 2010
Annual Parent Rights Notice - Going Green
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