F3 Green Statement

Public education strives to prepare students for the future, but will the future be prepared for them?

Our clients work tirelessly to deliver excellent education to all students, helping them to achieve their full potential.  We believe that our collective commitment to education must be complemented by attention to helping protect the environment.  Together, education and environmental sensitivity are excellent investments in a strong, healthy, and promising future for our communities, state, and nation. 

As our firm works with clients who have set a goal to reduce energy and natural resource consumption – and thereby reduce their impact on the environment – we strive to do our part, too.  A few examples of our Going Green! commitment at work:

  • We work in partnership with the Association of California School Administrators (ACSA) and the California Association of School Business Officials (CASBO) to deliver professional development workshops for the Association's statewide membership through online webinars.  This effort significantly reduces waste related to printing, shipping, and travel.
  • We encourage optimal use of technology, allowing employees to work from home/remote locations.
  • We work with County Offices of Education to deliver live-feed workshops.. Complemented with interactive capability, this technology brings valuable information to remote/rural communities without burdening school travel budgets and taxing our environment.
  • We deliver news, information, and invitations to key events electronically. When we do use paper, we print on recycled materials.

F3 is proud to be the public education leader in sustainability, renewables, green construction, and renovation and water conservation.  With great pride, we sponsor the Going Green! Education Award, which is part of the California School Boards Association Golden Bell Awards.

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