John W. Norlin

John W. Norlin, a nationally recognized author and creator of leading educational professional development curricula, brings over two decades of comprehensive legal research and writing experience to Fagen Friedman & Fulfrost. Mr. Norlin is the editor of the firm's NewsFlashTM series. In this capacity, he provides substantive and stylistic editing of all issues of F3’s complimentary email notifications regarding emerging news on legal decisions and legislative updates affecting public education.

An attorney, Mr. Norlin recently served as the editorial director for LRP Publications, one of the nation's leading education law publishing houses.  In his leadership role at LRP, Mr. Norlin researched key educational and legal trends to plan and develop more than 20 national special education law conferences for school attorneys and administrators.  Mr. Norlin lends his expertise to the construction and development of the firm's bi-annual, statewide Special Education Symposia, a compendious legal workshop designed to inform the practices of special educators with respect to emerging pedagogical trends and legal and/or legislative mandates.  Additionally, Mr. Norlin is available to provide comprehensive professional development seminars and workshops for clients statewide on practical, preventative legal strategies to circumvent potentially litigious situations.

An accomplished author, Mr. Norlin wrote, edited, and developed legal online and print products for both subscription and book format, including the nationally recognized What Do I Do When... Answer Book series. In addition, Mr. Norlin authored eLearning courses and created audio conferences to train school administrators and staff on emerging legal and regulatory compliance issues, encompassing topics such as student discipline, individualized education programs, placement, privacy and confidentiality, discrimination, bullying and harassment, and other issues related to the IDEA, ADA, Section 504 and FERPA. 

Mr. Norlin received bachelor's degrees in History and Journalism from Valparaiso University and earned his Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School.    

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